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“Since our inception in 1994, Restorx has built its National reputation on quality and service.

With an integrated approach to our people, processes and technology, we minimise disruptions and maximise efficiencies, ensuring a fast and successful outcome is achieved, especially in emergency situations.

Damage is often kept to a minimum because Restorx is able to respond comprehensively within 24hrs to most areas within Australia.

Restorx management forms an integral part of our delivery team, ensuring successful integration of all stakeholders into our projects. Monitoring contractor compliance, driving cost savings and enhancing efficiencies in order to provide value for you, is paramount.

Our contemporary approach has seen us grow into a sophisticated building and property restoration company. This commitment to development has further enhanced our reputation as leaders in the restoration industry and positions us well for the future.

At RestorX we don’t just talk about values, we live them. Our promises are not just promises to each other, they are also promises to our clients. Values are a standard in RestorX that we strive to uphold regardless of the pressures we may be under.

We run workshops for all our staff so they can understand what values mean to them and how important it is for our clients, contractors and suppliers to know the difference between us and our competitors.


Occupational Health and Safety

Our OH&S Management System is second to none and reviewed constantly for improvement. We have a fail-safe auditing process at all levels of our organisation. Regular tool box meetings with all of our staff, management and contractors are held to ensure that we are constantly improving our OH&S standards.

Continually investing in work platforms, knuckle booms and fully equipped vehicles with trailers contributes to our position as leaders in our market segment. This ensures that as we work on each project, we have the right tools for the right job, enabling all of our teams to arrive home safely each night.


Customer Service Standards

Our purpose built database and software systems provide us with comprehensive information to monitor our ‘Customer Service Key Performance Indicators’. These KPIs include time taken to call a client, time taken to visit a site and provide reports or quotes and time taken to commence works.

Constantly meeting and exceeding our KPIs sets us apart from many of our competitors and is the core reason we are accepted as a preferred building company by the insurance industry.

Employees are our most valued asset. We strive to be honest and open in all our communications, demonstrating both empathy and integrity. We support professional development for all employees. We are committed to create a work environment of trust and respect, as well as one that allows all employees to achieve a balance between work and outside interests.


We are committed to create an atmosphere of teamwork, collaboration, open communication, mutual support, respect and investment in each others’ success. We realise the value of bringing diverse backgrounds, cultures, perspectives and expertise to the achievements of corporate objectives. We encourage and recognise both team and individual achievements and leadership. We honour commitments to each other at all levels in the organisation. Through the team structures we strive to provide opportunities for RestorX employees to reach their full potential and impact the direction of the organisation.


RestorX is committed to open and honest communications among all employees, creating an environment in which ideas are fostered and can be shared. We, at all levels in our organisation, have the responsibility to communicate corporate goals and listen carefully.

We believe that we should do everything in our power to provide our clients with the highest possible standard of service, and we are delighted to declare that we are accredited in the following disciplines:

  • Associate of Electronics Engineering Diploma
  • Certificate of Technology in Electronics
  • Electrical Engineering (A Grade Electrician)
  • CM3 Accredited
  • Certified Infrared Professional
  • Portable Appliance Testers
  • IICRC Certified Restorers in Fire, Water, Mould remediation, Carpet & Odour
  • Removal
  • Construction Site White/ Red Cards
  • Certified First Aid
  • Certified Lifting Equipment Operators
  • Certified Horticulturist
  • Project Management
  • Qualified building tradespeople
  • Aluminium production engineering
  • Cert III Customer Contact
  • Cert IV Assessment and Workplace Training
  • Cert IV Competitive Systems and Practises
  • Cert IV building and Construction
  • In QLD RestorX only do building work valued at $3,300 or less