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COVID-19 Rapid Response

Working with experts in the field of environmental science and in conjunction with our in-house environmental remediation experts, Restorx has developed preventative baseline cleaning and decontamination protocols and standard operations practices related to the COVID-19 virus.

Our Product

Our product is approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) Australia and is compatible with the vast majority of both natural, and synthetic surfaces prone to microbial colonisation. The product is a broad-spectrum disinfectant/cleaner with outstanding residual biocidal activity.

It provides up to 7 days residual antibacterial activity (depending on traffic type and frequency) or 200 touches.

Triple action benefits:

  • Kills germs, broad spectrum bactericidal
  • Effective cleaning – leaves surfaces hygenically clean
  • Leaves behind an invisible film providing residual protection from recolonisation on the surface
RestorX Carona Product

“Restorx Services is a leading provider for Deep Hygiene cleaning and Microbial control solutions in Australia.”


Preventative & Decontamination Cleaning Services

Preventative Cleaning Services

Restorx have over 65 years’ experience in bio-hazard, hygiene cleaning and viral outbreaks. Our team will disinfect structures, horizontal surfaces, as well as any high traffic areas and touch points such as door handles, elevator buttons, escalator rails and so on. The team will then utilise a specialised TGA approved residual product to improve infection transmission protection within your facility.

This deep hygiene cleaning process provides comprehensive preventative decontamination. We use TGA approved hospital grade products throughout the entire process.

Give comfort to staff, clients and visitors that your business has been decontaminated using a hospital grade, HACCP Australia certified, Australian made and owned disinfectant.

Decontamination Cleaning Services

In a crucial situation such as COVID-19 exposure, you need experts who not only know how to properly decontaminate your facility, but have experience in doing so. Our teams have developed these protocols and procedures by working with renowned specialists in the field of environmental science & microbial science/control experts, as well as our own internal hygiene decontamination teams.

By working with an occupational hygienist on every project, our teams ensure that the facility decontamination and deep hygiene clean methodology plan is completed. Each stage is then independently verified by a third party Hygienist. These rigorous processes are implemented to ensure Restorx is able protect our clients facilities whilst keeping key stakeholders informed every step of way.

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