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“The Restorx HVAC team are here to ensure that you always have the cleanest possible air quality available

Your heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems can typically harbour many types of contaminants in the form of organic debris, dust particles, carbon & rust deposits, active bacteria and mould growth. It’s important that regular cleaning and maintenance of these systems is attended to in order to keep your air quality to the best possible standard.

Our team of highly qualified technicians understand the importance of air quality and are always adopting the latest techniques and sanitisation methods to provide a standout premium service for all your HVAC needs. With a combined industry experience of more than 30 years our dedicated team is able to provide ongoing service and maintenance programmes that are personally tailored to meet all your business requirements.

We are committed to providing professional, fast and reliable solutions for any air quality related issues that may arise within your home or business.

HVAC Maintenance



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Our team of qualified technicians can provide ongoing preventative maintenance programmes that increase efficiency, improve reliability and most importantly extend the operating life of your equipment. With a Restorx maintenance programme in place you will reduce the likelihood of costly equipment breakdowns and keep your buildings air flowing all year round.

HVAC Cleaning

We specialise in cleaning various types of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems. Our services include cleaning and sanitisation of internal ductwork surfaces, air distribution devices, filters, inline coils and various other mechanical components.

AHU Cleaning  

Maintaining a regular cleaning and disinfection routine on your  Air Handling Units is essential part of HVAC hygiene. Our regular inspection service will cover filtration banks, coils, condensate pans and drains, fans, insulation, volume control dampers and door gaskets.

Domestic Duct cleaning

With air quality of the upmost of importance in your home, we are able to offer a complete range of duct cleaning and maintenance services to the residential market. These services include ceiling and floor duct cleaning and sanitisation for evaporative cooling, air conditioning and ducted heated systems as well as repair and replacement solutions.

Kitchen Exhaust and Canopy Cleaning

Kitchen and canopy exhaust cleaning is an ongoing essential service requirement that needs to be completed in accordance with your building insurance policy. We offer a complete kitchen canopy and exhaust duct cleaning management programme to eliminate the potential fire and safety risks associated with commercial kitchen exhaust systems.

Ventilation Systems Cleaning

Ventilation exhaust systems are designed to control air quality and extract and discharge contaminated air in places like car parks, laundry’s, toilets and changing rooms. We are able to offer regular cleaning and inspection programmes to help reduce system inefficiency, odour issues, carbon monoxide build-up and the potential risk of fire.

Air Quality Testing

Through our partnerships with Certified Occupational Hygienists we are also able to offer an extensive range of air quality tests that can measure Carbon Monoxide levels, Carbon Dioxide levels, temperature, humidity, airborne micro-organisms and other indoor air contaminates.


HVAC Cleaning

Domestic Duct Cleaning

Kitchen Exhaust & Canopy Cleaning

Ventilation Systems Cleaning

Air Quality Testing