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Restorx Packout and Storage services

At Restorx Pack out and Storage services, we have assisted numerous clients in packing out and removing their contents from their residential or commercial properties following fire damage, weather events or disasters.

Pack out and storage services can be equally vital, especially when it comes to accurately inventorying and salvaging sentimental belongings, valuable contents or content stock.

We have assisted our clients by providing them with as many cost-effective options as possible. We tailor and customise our damage restoration procedures to meet our customers’ preferences when handling their prized possessions.

Photographing and inventorying contents

Customised storage & damage restoration procedures

Restorations can be performed before or after the Pack out

Related Services

  • Pack and store contents on site
  • Pack and store contents on site with providing  a portable storage unit
  • Pack and store and transport contents off site with providing a portable storage unit
  • Pack and store and transport contents offsite using a portable storage unit stored within environmentally controlled warehouse
  • Photographing and inventorying contents prior to packing out contents or storing them for more precise tracking of items and greater transparency for our clients.
  • Carry out specialised restoration to contents affected by any damage as a result of weather events, fire damage or a natural disaster prior to pack out or after the Pack out.